Brindle St Joseph's RC Parish Web Site Visitor Book - Volume 1

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Date: Mar 29, 2001

Date: Feb 28, 2001
Name: Edward B. Godwin
From: Middletown, New York USA
Comments: Was examing Catholic websites in the area my great-grandparents: James Godwin and Anna Holleran. Anna Holleran, born April 1856, was the daughter of Michael Holleran and Winifred Dooley. James and Anna Godwin had a daughter in England (Mary Godwin, born May 1880) before the emigrated. I have been trying to study as much as I can about the area in hopes of that we might locate in some Parish Register or collective Catholic family memory any of those families. Winifred Dooley emigrated also. The family wound up in Scranton, PA.--Edward B. Godwin, Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Orange

Date: Feb 25, 2001
From: Brookings Oregon USA
Comments: I was looking for Catholic records for a Church in Chersey Surrey England, and took a detore to Your Church. Thank you for the histroy and the ability to say Hello. Sincerely Leslie Hall

Date: Dec 29, 2000
Name: Marion Whitham ( again )
From: Leduc Alberta Canada
Comments: I wish to extend to you Season's Greetings, You have a lovely web-site Mick,I come here often, fine job. Please give our love to Joe & Brenda Crook. Thank-you.

Date: Dec 12, 2000
Name: Marg Williams(nee Thornton)
From: Teesdale, Vic, Australia
Comments: Well my 2 brothers Paul & Tony have beatten me to your website Mick - please keep it going. Last visited St Joseph's with Dad and sister Catherine in 1998. Went to St Joseph's Primary '59 - '65.I was a founding member of the youth club at the Catholic Club in Gregson Lane, clandestinely listening to Black Sabbeth when Fr Spillett went home!!!

Date: Nov 2, 2000
Name: Sara Cook
From: Heythrop College(University of London) Kensington Square, London
Comments: It's me again, and yes i have moved.....again! I am now in London reading Philosophy and Theology at Heythrop College which is the specialist college for these subjects within the University of London. I am having an amazing time and i am thoroughly enjoying my course. Hope all is well in Brindle, i'll be back at Christmas! Sara Cook (Marion Mc Donald's Grandaughter)

Date: Oct 25, 2000
Name: Thomas Ohlgren
From: USA
Comments: Was there an RC church in Brindle in the fifteenth century and earlier? I am looking for the ancestor of Gilbert Pilkington, who was christened in Brindle in 1559. His nanesake was also named Gilbert and he lived in the mid fifteenth century. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks. Thomas Ohlgren (136 Sumac Drive, West Lafayette, IN USA 47906. Email:

Date: Oct 18, 2000
Name: Robert Brindle
From: Retford, Notts
Comments: Enjoyed my brief visit but will be back for more.

Date: Oct 17, 2000
Name: steve woodruffe
From: coupe green
Comments: great site - never knew most of this information.

Date: Oct 14, 2000
Name: His Excellency The Most Reverend Pablo Puente
From: Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
Comments: God Bless your efforts for the sake of Christ's Church militant here on earth. +Pablo Puente

Date: Sep 20, 2000
Name: Paul Thornton
From: Portland, Victoria, Australia
Comments: Mick, as mentioned previously the Thornton family will be visiting Hoghton and are planning to be at the 10:30 mass on 10th Dec 2000.

Date: Sep 7, 2000
Name: Paul
From: Wigan - Saint Patrick's
Comments: A terrific site. God bless you all and keep you in his care.

Date: Sep 3, 2000
Name: John Mc Namara
From: St Helens Merseyside
Comments: Interesting parish

Date: Jun 12, 2000
Name: Frederick Gregory Xian-kang LIN
From: Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
Comments: Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus. What a beautiful and complete site you have. Do visit our website at God Bless

Date: May 25, 2000
Name: sean riley
From: youth team, st austins - grassendale
Comments: excellent site -you must tell Dom Justin to get something like this going for our place Take care!!!

Date: May 18, 2000
Name: Sara Cook
From: St. Cassian's Centre, Kintbury, Berks.
Comments: Well I never, what a fantastic web site. Being down here means I don't really hear of what's going on up there at Brindle. It's always nice to see everyone when I come home for holidays. It was great to see everyone over Easter, I do miss being there for Mass every Sunday but hey we have to move on. I'll be in London at university from September as I am working here at St. Cassian's as a 'year out'with young people from up and down the country. My love to everyone. Sara Cook .uk

Date: May 7, 2000
Name: Andy Waddicor
From: London UK
Comments: Thoroughly enjoyed your website, particularly the virtual tour. I remember St. Joseph's very well indeed as my grandparents Jack and Mary Hargreaves were members of your parish. Jack was the church organist of St. Joseph's for many years and he and Mary are now buried there. My parents Edgar and Joan Waddicor (nee Hargreaves, an ex-pupil of St. Joseph's school) were married there. I am currently researching the Waddicors, who were mostly from the Darwen area, but have recently discovered that we had ancestors (spelled Wadiker, Wadikar, Waddiker) who were baptised and married at St. Joseph's between 1730 and 1830. Is there any way of finding out whether they are buried in the graveyard and whether the gravestone details might still exist? If you Mick or anyone has any information on this name, my address is;

Date: May 1, 2000
Name: Mark Elo
From: Santa Rosa, California, USA
Comments: I enjoyed visiting you web site. I showed it my wife as we are both comming over to my sisters wedding in July at Brindle St. Joseph's. I went to the primary (new) school and was a member of the youth club in the old school building. Best Regards

Date: Apr 26, 2000
Name: G.
From: Plymouth
Comments: I resently visited your cemetery to view the graves of my grandfather and great grandparents and others in the family. You have a beautiful church. I'm doing my family history research and would love to hear from anyone who has information about my great grandmother Agnes Walmsley born 1884 and her family. I know they attended St Joseph's. Thankyou.

Date: Apr 25, 2000
Name: Jim Hothersall
From: Hoghton
Comments: Well done on the site Mick, it looks really good, as for killing us all off with the incense, I think the Scouts would know more about that this year.

Date: Apr 16, 2000
Name: Graham Dixon
From: 77 Hayfield Ave
Comments: Mick Congratulations on reaching over 1000 visitors to the page. (maybe you'll kill us all off with the smoke from the incense before you reach 2000 ;-) Regards Graham

Date: Apr 8, 2000
From: Canada
Comments: Enjoyed the site. My grandparents Jesse Hudson and Honora Melia were married there in 1871. Visited the church in 1990 and had a great visit with Fr. McLoughlan. Am wondering if my great grandfather James Melia was buried in the churchyard. He was deceased in 1871. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I grew up in Darwen,Lancashire.

Date: Apr 7, 2000
Name: Darren Spicer - Swarbrick (SPEZ!)
From: Boston Mass, USA
Comments: Nice to visit home again, Great place, many happy memories! Wonder if the phone box in Alma row is still Hoghton 2666, we always used to hang around there and phone our friends to see who was out! Raving times, long time ago, long way away!! Great Memories, cool childhood!!! Daz.

Date: Mar 29, 2000
Name: Joseph dos Ramos
From: San Francisco, California, USA
Comments: What a beautiful church and a well done website. Congratulations! You are welcome to visit the website of a group to which I belong, the Secular Discalced Carmelites in San Francisco: God bless all! Joseph

Date: Feb 26, 2000
Name: Pauline Little
From: Sydney Australia
Comments: Really enjoyed browsing through your site.I have a lot of descendants from Brindle and St Josephs, only just found this out with rearching my family tree,from 1670 upto my grandfather 1889,Batesons & Crooks. I am from Bamber Bridge,I will certainly visit Brindle the next time I'm over

Date: Feb 21, 2000
Name: Paul Thornton
From: Portland, Victoria, Australia
Comments: Alerted to this page by brother Tony I have to thank Mick for putting together an impressive page that I can reference to refresh a significant part of my past. I will regularily access and will be visiting with my family December this year. Thanks, Paul.

Date: Feb 13, 2000
Name: Tony Gaskin
From: Penrith
Comments: great site thanks for the tour

Date: Jan 28, 2000
Name: Tony Thornton
From: Sydney Australia
Comments: Most impressed! I grew up in Hoghton Lane and attended St Josephs School and Church from 1956 to 1971. I was an alter boy many of these years and knew the church well. Its great to see it restored. Where's the picture of Blessed Edmund Arrowsmith? Fathers Smith and Spiller were the parish priests and Miss Procter was the headmistress.

Date: Jan 12, 2000
Name: Marion Whitham
From: Leduc Alberta Canada
Comments: Although not of your Faith I am familiar with St.Joseph's Church and the History surrounding it and have been there many times, the last time was with our beloved friends Joe and Brenda Crook. Thankyou for the wonderfull tour

Date: Jan 3, 2000
Name: Fr Geoffrey
From: His office, New Wing, the Monastery
Comments: Congratulations on getting the yew tree - find a good site for it. Originally I had thought of it being somewhere in the new plot.

Date: Jan 3, 2000
Name: Dr Mike Waring
From: Greasby Wirral//
Comments: Mike We enjoyed very much the visit to the church today (3/01/00) and your website is also a very useful source of information for family history. We are tracing the Waring family who originate from Brindle. Many thanks

Date: Jan 2, 2000
Name: Walter J. Whitehead
From: Berryville, Arkansas U.S.A.
Comments: I love the Holy Martyrs and visited your site to make a pilgrimage to St. Edmund Arrowsmith. If anyone would like to share their devotion to the Martyrs please email me: Also visit our home page: Only blessings, Walter, The Sons and Daughters of the Resurrection

Date: Jan 2, 2000
Name: Bernard Kellett
From: Brindle, Lancashire
Comments: Congratulations on the revised site. It is more straightforward to navigate round now, although it was always easy. I especially like the link to the Parish Magazine. Regards Bernard

Date: Nov 30, 1999

Date: Oct 17, 1999
Name: Kathleen Hargreaves
From: Accrington, Lancashire
Comments: I really enjoyed visiting your web page. You have a beautiful church one of the nicest I have visited. As a person doing our family trees I visit lots of churches on the web, yours is one of the most informative sights I have seen. Well done Mick keep it up. Our names are Tuson from Brindle,Whittle-le-Woods, Penwortham and Preston, also Pemberton from Leyland, just in case anyone knows anything. Thanks

Date: Aug 8, 1999
Name: Dr Colin Pounder
From: Cotmanhay, Derbyshire
Comments: I came to your site when I typed in Hoghton Towers - being a bit nosey re the Shakespeare was a secret Catholic `discovery`. Brindle rang a bell and then I remembered exchanging letters with dear Father Loughlin searching for the tiny Virgin & Child dropped by Father Arrowsmith.I wasn`t much use - suggested Dom Bede Camms book may help. I still have his letters. Remember me and mine in your prayers. God Bless.

Date: Aug 4, 1999
Name: Mary Ellen Carter
From: New Bedford, MA, USA
Comments: Maiden name Normile. Baptized at St. Joseph's May, 1903, about 24th. Could you send me any information about my family? My Uncle Tom and Aunt Polly Clitheroe were my godparents. Thank you, in advance, for any information you can send to me at: Mary Carter 307 Mill St. New Bedford, MA, USA 02740

Date: Aug 3, 1999
Name: Eddie Dillon
Comments: Both my two older sisters and me attended St. Joseph's Primary in the 50's and early 60's. At the time complete rule fell to Miss Proctor and to Fr Joseph Smith. I was the altar-boy Fr Smith clouted at Sunday Mass! How about some more information about the old school? Very interesting information.

Date: Jul 26, 1999
Name: Roger Gerard
From: Gardner, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Comments: I have enjoyed reading through your website. I am researching my family the Gerards of Lancashire. The earliest ancestor I can find is William Gerard, born in Ince, 21 December 1731. Any additional information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Roger Gerard 30 Wachusett Road Gardner, Massachusetts U.S.A. 01440-4121

Date: Jul 4, 1999
Name: Brian E Brindle
From: Goodview, Va. U.S.A.
Comments: I absolutely enjoyed my vist through your web page I hope I someday have the chance to visit the real thing... Thanks ..Brian

Date: Jun 6, 1999
Name: Tony Brindle
From: Huddersfield
Comments: Just a note to say how happy I was to find the web site, and if Fr Stephen is there, it would be nice to hear from you Tony Brindle 100 Black Moor Foot Rd Crossland Moor HUDDERSFIELD HD4 5BQ E MAIL

Date: May 17, 1999
Name: Pat. Berry
From: Clayton-le-Woods
Comments: I am very impressed and wish I had the knowhow to do the same for St.Bedes. Love and prayers to all at St Josephs at Brindle.

Date: Apr 15, 1999
Name: Pete Gardner
From: Haslington, Cheshire
Comments: Well done brother! It's wonderful to see technology used to its best advantage, enabling St Josephs to become 'available' to a world wide audience. It's also a useful record and reminder of some of the things we tend to forget - a sentimental journey. We don't realise how much knowledge is lost when people pass on - until it's too late. You've preserved a lot here - keep adding to it.

Date: Mar 12, 1999
Name: Paul Cook
From: Flagstaff Hill Adelaide South Australia
Comments: It is great to be able to look around & find out what is going on in our old parish, I didn't even get muddy walking through Wilmers' fields to get there. GREAT web site.

Date: Mar 11, 1999
Name: Sarah Rutherford
From: Fulwood
Comments: All I can say is "I'm impressed Mick!!" Is it possible to learn that kind of thing at LTC? (only joking!!!)

Date: Mar 11, 1999
Name: Angela Billing, nee Gillett
From: Vista,Southern California
Comments: Wonderful to visit St Joseph's again, the church where I worshipped as a child. My parents are buried there and my dear aunt Kathleen who took care of our family after my mother's early death from cancer. Wish you had a picture of the Lady Chapel but a wonderful web site never the less. Hello to my good friend Ann (nee Bolton) who still worships there and thanks to Hotpots and my sister Rosaleen now living in Todmorden who told me about this site.

Date: Mar 9, 1999
Name: Brian Latham
From: Fulwood, Preston
Comments: A beautiful Church and a really good web site and links. Now a guest book too!! (Thought you said you hadn't time Mick - well done!) Saw your entry in the Iowa church guest book tonight - isn't it wonderful to be able to be in touch so easily with other Churches so far away? Peace and Blessings to all you good Brindle St. Joseph's parishioners.

Date: Mar 5, 1999
Name: Mick Gardner
From: Brindle St Joseph's
Comments: As author of this web site, I'm claiming the right to be the first person to leave a message! Please leave your e-mail address with your message to us if you want a reply.