Burial Records & Graveyard

The burial registers begin in 1815, the first burial being in what later became known as the "Old Ground", which is situated beside the church on its northern side. From then until 1833, all burials took place there but there are only a few gravestones (see map - below). Since 1833, five new plots have been opened; four of these became known as "A", "B", C and "D" (the current area for most burials). All have a number of ashes interments, especially along the back fence of plot "B", more recently in plot "C" and a dedicated area in plot D. The fifth plot, "O", was used only a few times in the 1960s for stillbirths but was redeveloped in 1998 for future interments. All these plots are situated on the far side of Hatchwood Brook to the west of the church and are approached by way of a pleasant woodland path leading from the entrance to the church.

The "Old Ground" continued to be used for a number of years where there were private graves, with the last recorded burial taking place in 1869. In recent years, graves with the last interment over 100 years ago have been sanctioned for reuse if no memorial stone is present. Therefore, on plot "C", many new gravestones record only recent interments, disguising the fact that the remains of as many as 12 individuals unrelated to the deceased recorded on the gravestone, lie beneath.

In 1995, the burial registers from 1815-1995 were transcribed and indexed, the monumental inscriptions were recorded and indexed, and the graveyard mapped by members of The Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society (Preston Branch). Copies are held by The Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston, PR1 2RE. The project was fiched by the LFH&HS and is available for viewing at the above record office or for purchase on 4 fiche, titled B45 - Brindle St. Joseph's RC 1815-1999 Bur Reg & MIs Lancashire from the LFH&HS Fiche Sales via their website.

The death registers, original burial registers, transcripts etc (as above) for the period 1815-1995 and details of deaths and burials since 1995 are all held in the parish archives. However, during the period 1833-1875, a combined death and burial register (Plot "C") was kept by the incumbent Fr Joseph Bede Smith OSB. It contains much extra information such as relationships and causes of death and is therefore a useful aid to research. This register was handed over to The Lancashire Record Office in the 1960s. It is now too damaged to be viewed but the LRO have photocopied it and this is available to researchers.

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