Our Parish Primary School

There is a long tradition of education in the parish; when Stansfield House became a chapel, the original chapel next to it became a school.

In 1787, George Smith built a school in Coupe Green. This is recorded (incompletely) on two inscribed pieces of stone from the building.

In 1831, Mr Joseph Knight, a local boy who had made his fortune in the south, paid for the next school on the brow overlooking the church.

This school was in use until 1975, when the present school was opened, and is now the Parish Hall.

The present school is in Bournes Row, off Gregson Lane, postcode PR5 0DQ.

The school's Mission Statement is:

"At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, through an open and generous heart, we learn together as a family in faith, following the gospel value of love."

Together we love, learn, follow Jesus

School Email Address: secretary@st-josephs-hoghton.lancs.sch.uk

School Web Site: https://www.stjosephsbrindle.com/

The school log books from 1872 to 1928 are available in pdf format by following this link.