Youth Group Cross 20th March 2016 (Palm Sunday)

The Youth Group presented the Cross to the Parish at the Offertory during Mass on Palm Sunday.

Abigail Fowler told the congregation the following: "The Youth Group have made this Cross. The ideas came from drawing our own representations of the Stations of the Cross, depicted around the Church. This then turned into our own representation of the Crucifix. We each had our own image which we first drew and then painted it onto the wooden boards which make up the Cross."

Loz Lomax adds "The group worked extremely hard over a number of months taking time to reflect on what  the Cross meant to each one of us and reacting to current and on-going events around the world, as well as at home or within the parish. It has been a privilege to work with group and I am looking forward to see what we do next."

The group were Abigail Fowler,  Joshua Telford,  Holly Telford, Olivia Kershaw and William Reed.

The photos show the Cross on the Altar, with Josh and Olivia.